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Marty Phillips of Crossett, Arkansas, United States is a gospel singer, songwriter, as well as editor of the Jeffress/Phillips Music Company.[1] A composer of many songs, he is most noted for "What A Meeting In The Air". Phillips teaches in various singing schools across the Southern USA.

Marty has served as President of the Ashley County Gospel Singing Convention, the Arkansas State Gospel Singing Convention and in 2004 the National Gospel Singing Convention.

He has composed a book of basic music theory called, "Rudiments of Music", and an advance theory book called, "Understanding 4 Part Harmony." He teaches in several music schools each year, such as the Jeffress School of Music, the Tri-County Music School, and many others.

Marty is one of the best known songwriters of the day. He has been recognized as such in 1991 in Hendersonville, NC, at the Old Fashioned Gospel Singing and Musical Convention. They recognize an outstanding songwriter each year.


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