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Maru the Cat in his book from 2011
Other name(s)まる, lit. 'round'
SpeciesFelis catus
BreedScottish Fold (Straight)
Born24 May 2007 (2007-05-24) (age 12)
Years active2008–present
Known forInternet celebrity

Maru (まる, Japanese: circle or round; born May 24, 2007[1]) is a male Scottish Fold (straight variety[2]) cat in Japan who has become popular on YouTube. As of September 2016, videos featuring Maru have been viewed over 325 million times, a Guinness World Record for YouTube video views of an individual animal.[3][4] Maru has been described as the "most famous cat on the internet"[5]


Maru's owner posts videos under the account name 'mugumogu'. His owner is almost never seen in the videos, although the video titled "Maru's ear cleaning". is an exception. The videos include title cards in English and Japanese setting up and describing the events, and often show Maru playing in cardboard boxes, indicated by "I love a box!" in his first video.

Videos of Maru are collections of clips - usually around 3–7 minutes in length - of Maru engaging in various activities, with most videos having a central theme or activity as indicated by the title card. Maru, during these videos, shows his fascination with boxes, his placid personality, his amusing antics, and an inventive intelligence and intuition.

In August 2013, Maru's owner adopted a two-month-old mixed-breed cat named Hana from a veterinarian. During the two-week trial period, Maru and Hana got along very well and Mugumogu decided to make Hana a new member of their family.[6]


Entertainment Weekly mentioned Maru alongside Keyboard Cat and Nora in its "Notable Kitty Videos" article.[7][8] The New York Times mentioned Maru in an article about cats and dogs in the media and included pictures of the cat.[9] Maru's videos have been featured on the Fresh Step's commercial on the Fresh Step YouTube Channel.[10] Maru has also been featured in advertisements within Japan, for various products.[11] As of December 2011, Maru's channel is the 7th most subscribed in Japan.

After the March 2011 earthquakes in Japan, Mugumogu reported from Maru's blog that Maru was safe and unharmed, though a carrying case was prepared in the event of an evacuation.[12]

In March 2017, Maru was certified as the most viewed animal on YouTube.[13] His videos have been watched a total of 341,840,777 times as of 3 June 2017.

Published media[edit]

A book and DVD (containing English and Japanese text) entitled I am Maru was released in Japan in September 2009.[14][15][16] A further DVD Maru Desu followed in February the year after.[17] A second book, もっと、まるです (More Maru) was released on August 31, 2011 (Japanese only).[18]

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