Maruca vitrata

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Bean pod borer
Maruca vitrata.jpg
Scientific classification
M. vitrata
Binomial name
Maruca vitrata
(Fabricius, 1787)
  • Botys bifenestralis Mabille, 1880
  • Crochiphora testulalis Geyer, 1832
  • Hydrocampe aquitilis Guérin-Méneville, [1832]
  • Maruca testulalis (Geyer, 1832)
  • Phalaena vitrata Fabricius, 1787

Maruca vitrata is a pantropical insect pest of leguminous crops like pigeon pea, cowpea, mung bean and soybean. Its common names include the maruca pod borer, bean pod borer, soybean pod borer, mung moth, and the legume pod borer. The species was first described by Johan Christian Fabricius in 1787.

It can cause losses of 20–80% on the harvests of cowpeas.[1]

Its feeding sites on plants are flower buds, flowers and young pods. In some cases early instars feed on flower peduncles and young stems.

Methods for control[edit]


Some parasitoids have been shown to serve as a biological control for Maruca vitrata. Parasitoid wasps families include Braconidae and Ichneumonidae; some parasitoid flies in the Tachinidae are also natural enemies of the moth.[2]


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