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Marunouchi Building
General information

The Marunouchi Building (丸の内ビルディング) is a skyscraper located in Marunouchi, Tokyo, Japan. Construction of the 180-metre, 37-storey skyscraper was finished in 2002.


In 1923 (Taisho 12th year), "Marunouchi Building" was built in front of the Tokyo station in the design of Kotaro Sakurai (8 stories in the photo, 9 stories above the basement 1st floor). It was the biggest building in the prewar era of the Showa era, and it was said that it is "the building in Toyo." The form of releasing the lower floors of office buildings to the general customers and developing shopping malls and the like was also introduced pioneeringly in Marunouchi in Japan and was released in 1929 (Showa 4 years) from the modern image It also became a stage for many songs such as Tokyo popular song "Tokyo March" and novels. Since it was a huge building representative of the time, there were times when it was cited as "comparable unit of building size" such as "Marubiru how many cups" (after that, how many cups of Kasumigaseki Building and Tokyo Dome There are places like that).

Although the Japanese Architectural Institute submitted the request for preservation of preservation [1] to Mitsubishi Estate in 1997, Mitsubishi Jisho did not hear it, but was demolished in 1999 (Heisei 11), 2002 (Heisei 14) "New Marunouchi Building" was completed (It was confusing because there was a Shin Marunouchi Building opposite Shin Marunouchi Building across the road, the Shinmaru Building was demolished in 2004, 2007 "New Shin Marunouchi Building (Shin Marunouchi Building)" was completed).


9th - 10th floor: Nagoya University of Commerce graduate school

10th floor: Efresi

15-18F: Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting

Floors 19-22: Bloomberg

23rd floor: Advantest

24th Floor: Visa International

25th floor: NGK Tokyo Headquarters

27th and 28th floor: Intelligence

29th floor: IBIDEN Tokyo Branch

33rd Floor: Alix Partners

34th Floor: Treasure Data

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Coordinates: 35°40′51.7″N 139°45′49.6″E / 35.681028°N 139.763778°E / 35.681028; 139.763778