Maruyama Dam

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Maruyama Dam
Maruyama Dam.jpg
Location Mitake, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.
Coordinates 35°28′08.0″N 137°10′20.0″E / 35.468889°N 137.172222°E / 35.468889; 137.172222Coordinates: 35°28′08.0″N 137°10′20.0″E / 35.468889°N 137.172222°E / 35.468889; 137.172222
Construction began 1943
Opening date 1955
Owner(s) MLIT and Kansai Electric Power Company
Dam and spillways
Impounds Kiso River
Height 98.2 m
Length 260 m
Total capacity 79,520,000 m³
Catchment area 2,409.0 km²
Surface area 263 hectares

The Maruyama Dam (丸山ダム, Maruyama Damu) is a dam on the border of Mitake and Yaotsu in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. It was built on the upper reaches of the Kiso River system. It is a gravity dam that is 98.2 m (322 ft) tall. It was built after World War II as part of a large, nationwide dam building project.

Surrounding area[edit]

Sosui Gorge (蘇水峡 Sosui-kyō) was formed by the completion of the dam. Along with Ena Gorge further upstream, the area is part of the Hida-Kisogawa Quasi-National Park.

Maruyama Dam with Sosui Gorge behind it