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Marv may refer to:


  • MARV, a maneuverable reentry vehicle, a type of missile warhead
  • M.A.R.V., otherwise known as the Mammoth Armed Reclamation Vehicle, a fictional tank from Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath
  • Marburg virus (MARV), a virus of humans and non-human primates



Sports figures[edit]

  • Marv Albert, television and radio sportscaster
  • Marv Harshman, former college men's basketball coach
  • Marv Levy, General Manager and Vice President of Football Operations for the Buffalo Bills
  • Marvin Rotblatt, former left-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball for the Chicago White Sox
  • Marv Throneberry, American Major League Baseball player

Fictional people[edit]

Similar names[edit]

  • Marvé Beach, a beach located in the Western Suburb of Malad in the city of Mumbai, India