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For the imprint previously known as Marvel Age, see Marvel Adventures.
Marvel Age
Marvel Age #1 (Apr. 1983). Cover art by Walt Simonson.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format Ongoing series
Publication date April 1983 – September 1994
Number of issues 140 issues, 4 annuals, 2 previews, 2 specials

Marvel Age was the title of a promotional comic book-sized magazine from Marvel Comics published from 19831994. Basically a comic-length edition of the Bullpen Bulletins page, Marvel Age contained previews of upcoming Marvel comics, as well as interviews with comics professionals and other features, including occasional original comic strips. It is also notable for early work by Marvel writers such as Peter David and Kurt Busiek.

Publication history[edit]

Marvel Age published 140 issues, four annuals, two previews, and two specials during its 11-year-long run. The magazine's US $0.25-0.35 cover price was much cheaper than regular Marvel comics of the era.

Regular features of Marvel Age included:

  • Coming Attractions — listings all of Marvel books on sale by the week they were supposed to come out
  • News Watch — An expansion of the gossipy news items featured in Bullpen Bulletins pages
  • Behind the Line — Marvel editors writing about the business from their side of the creative process
  • A regular humor comic by Fred Hembeck poking fun at Marvel's history and characters
  • Creator interviews
  • Articles about and ads for current Marvel titles
  • Letters — Similar to most letters pages in comics at the time, this one addressed more general questions and commentary relating to the Marvel Universe. The column had a different humorous title in every issue, selected from reader submissions.

The superhero parody character Forbush Man, formerly the mascot of Marvel's satirical Not Brand Ecch, made semi-regular appearances in Marvel Age in a similar capacity.

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