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Marvel Legends #1, published January 2007

Marvel Legends is a British comic book series. It is part of Marvel UK's 'Collector Edition' line which began publication on 21 December 2006. It is being published by Panini Comics but reprints Marvel Comics from the United States. Each issue features a Captain America, Thor and an Iron Man story. It is designed to be a sister title to Avengers United, and began in 2006 after Panini Comics stopped printing the Batman Legends Collectors Edition, which Titan Magazines now print.


The current format is 76 pages, with one story from Iron Man, Captain America and Thor per issue. The inside of the back page features "Legendary Letters", a page in which readers letters are printed. The cover is made out of thick card, unlike US that have a far thinner paper based cover. It features very few advertisements compared to the American comics it reprints, and all them are for Marvel related products. The current cost of the comic is £2.95, although a cheaper subscription offer is available.