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Marvel Super Hero Squad
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2" Action Figure Toy Line

Hasbro: 2007 - 2013

Marvel Super Hero Squad is an action figure line marketed by Hasbro beginning in 2006. The line features 2-inch (51 mm) scale replicas of comic book heroes from the Marvel Comics universe. Each figure is portrayed in a cartoonish super-deformed-style. The line was designed for younger collectors but has become a hit with fans of all ages despite the "for ages 3 and up" category status. Marketed initially as four two-packs per wave, Super Hero Squad has branched out to include larger multi-packs, vehicles, and mega-packs containing larger characters in scale with the 2-inch (51 mm) line.

An animated series, The Super Hero Squad Show, based on the toy line premiered in the United States on Cartoon Network in September 2009. On 2013, Hasbro released the exclusive figures of Iron Man 3 boxsets. After these, there will be no more toys based on the later MCU movies.

Specific toys[edit]

Among the lines of toys released:

  • Marvel Super Hero Squad Two-Packs — 23 "waves" of superheroes, usually four packs per wave, and of course two figures per pack, for approximately 180 figures.
  • Single Packs — 6 of the heroes were released as individual figures: Spider-Man, Ben Reilly, Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, and Silver Surfer
  • Easter Egg Packs — 4 single releases for Easter: Spider-Man (jumping), Spider-Man (crouching), Captain America, Hulk
  • Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Two-Packs — 5 "waves" of four different pairs of heroes.
  • Spider-Man Single Packs — Six different supervillains released individually, only in the UK: Spider-Man, Venom, Doc Ock, New Goblin, Sandman, Green Goblin
  • Hulk Super Hero Squad Two-Packs — 3 "waves" of four pairs, totally 12 figures, each pack including one Hulk
  • Vehicles — 14 vehicles of various types have been released
  • Playsets — 8 different playsets have been released
  • Marvel Super Hero Squad Mega-Packs — A sequence of "waves" of pairs was started, but aborted partway through wave 4, with at least a 5th being planned.
  • Boxed Sets — Many boxed sets have been released.

Outside the toyline[edit]

Aside from the line of toys:

Copyright infringement lawsuit[edit]

In 2013, Hasbro was sued by Marvel Comics for copyright infringement.[citation needed] The figures of boxsets where never produced.


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