Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game

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Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game
RPG Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game.jpg
Cover of Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game
Publisher(s) TSR
Publication date 1998
Genre(s) Superheroes
System(s) SAGA System

The Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game is a role-playing game published by TSR, Inc. that uses the SAGA System. It should not be confused with the earlier Marvel Super Heroes Game (also published by TSR) or the later Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game (published by Marvel Comics).

Publication history[edit]

The SAGA-based Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game was published in 1998, and lasted into 2000.[1]


The game box contained a Fate Deck of 96 cards,each of which had a picture of a character, one of the 24 different Callings which fit the character, an Aura of either Positive (a + symbol), Negative (a - symbol), or Neutral (a . symbol), one of the five Suits, each of which was represented by a character. The Suits were Strength (color Green), represented by the Incredible Hulk, Agility (color Red), represented by Spider Man, Intellect (color Blue), represented by Mr. Fantastic, Willpower (color Purple), represented by Dr. Strange, and the Doom suit with villainous characters (color Black) represented by Dr. Doom; a roster book with 31 Heroes and 19 Villains, and a "game book" instruction manual.

The game rules were fairly simple. Each character had 4 abilities, which were rated from 1 to 30, with 10 being the non-powered human maximum. Abilities that were considered Superhuman (Hulk's Strength, Spider Man's Agility, Mr. Fantastic's Intellect, and Dr. Strange's Willpower) were rated between 11 and 20. Only Cosmic level characters, such as Galactus, could have an Ability between 21 to 30. Each character also had an Edge rated from 0 to 4, (Cosmic level characters could have an Edge of 5). A character had a starting Hand Size equal to the character's Edge plus 2. The Edge was the character's level rating, a 0 was a supporting character (though there were villains who had an Edge of 0, such as the X-Men villain Proteus, or the Avengers villain the Super Adaptoid). Edge 1 was an inexperienced hero such as Jubilee of the X-Men. Edge 2 were experienced heroes, such as The Human Torch, Jean Grey, or Hawkeye. Edge 3 were expert level characters, such as Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, Cyclops, and Professor X. Edge 4 characters were the very best at what they did, such as Dr. Doom, Magneto, or Captain America.

Characters also had 111 Powers and over 100 Skills to choose from, each of which had one of the Ability Suits as its Trump Suit.


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