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Marvelous regular.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedApril 25, 2001
GenreR&B, J-pop
LabelArista Japan
Misia chronology
Misia Remix 2000 Little Tokyo
Misia Remix 2002 World Peace
Alternative Cover
First press cover
First press cover
Singles from Marvelous
  1. "Escape"
    Released: July 7, 2000
  2. "Everything"
    Released: October 25, 2000
  3. "I Miss You: Toki wo Koete"
    Released: January 1, 2001

Marvelous is Misia's third studio album and first self-produced album, released on April 25, 2001. It sold 881,150 copies in its first week,[1] peaked at #1 for two consecutive weeks,[2] and spent five weeks in the Top 5.[3] The first pressing of the album came in sleeve case packaging. Marvelous is the 118th best-selling album of all time in Japan.[4] It came in at #8 on the overall yearly chart, however Marvelous was the second highest selling original album of 2001, behind Hikaru Utada's Distance.[5]

Track listing[edit]

1."Intro" Keiichi Tomita0:59
2."Rhythm Reflection"MisiaSakoshin4:45
3."Ai no Uta" (愛の歌, "Love Song")MisiaJun Sasaki5:32
4."Sunny Day"Chihiro CloseNobuyuki Shimizu5:10
5."Ano Natsu no Mama de" (あの夏のままで, "Just Like That Summer")MisiaHidetoshi Yamada5:49
6."Nocturne"MisiaShirō Sagisu6:10
7."Escape"MisiaMisia, Sakoshin4:53
8."La La La"MisiaSatoshi Shimano5:59
9."Change for Good"MisiaSakoshin5:46
10."Everything"MisiaToshiaki Matsumoto7:47
11."Toki o Tomete" (時をとめて, "Stop Time")MisiaMisia4:46
12."I Miss You (Toki o Koete)" (I miss you ~時を越えて~, "I Miss You (Crossing Time)")MisiaMasato Nakamura, Misia3:35
13."Everything (Junior Vasquez Remix)"MisiaToshiaki Matsumoto4:48


Oricon Sales Chart[edit]

Release Chart Peak position First day/week sales Sales total
April 25, 2001 Oricon Daily Albums Chart 1
Oricon Weekly Albums Chart 1 881,150 1,637,540
Oricon Monthly Albums Chart 1 (May)
Oricon Yearly Albums Chart 8

Physical Sales Charts[edit]

Chart Peak
Oricon Daily Albums Chart 1
Oricon Weekly Albums Chart 1
Oricon Monthly Albums Chart 1
Soundscan Albums Chart (CD-Only)[6] 1


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