Marvelous (film)

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For the 2014 British drama TV film, see Marvellous.
Directed by Síofra Campbell
Produced by Síofra Campbell
Ian Moore
Written by Síofra Campbell
Starring Martha Plimpton
Edited by Joe Klotz
Release date
Running time
90 min.
Country United States
Language English

Marvelous is a 2006 American drama/comedy written and directed by Síofra Campbell.


Martha Plimpton's character, Gwen, is living with her sister Queenie after getting divorced. Soon after the movie begins, it is revealed that Gwen has the ability to magically fix broken machinery and heal sick and injured people. The film explores the effect that celebrity has on Gwen and her family and friends.


Actor / Actress Character
Martha Plimpton Gwen
Ewen Bremner Lars
Amy Ryan Queenie
Annabella Sciorra Lara

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Critical reception[edit]

As an independent film, Marvelous did not have a great deal of critical focus. What there was, was mixed. Ronnie Scheib of Variety praised the "marvelously peculiar dialogue" and the good work of the actors. The reviewer at calls it "a memorable satire." However, New York magazine found the script "uneven" and praised only the work of Ewen Bremner and referred to the work of the other actors as "overacting." MSN movies gives it three stars out of five.

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