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For the American sportscaster, see Marv Albert.
Marvin Albert
Born Marvin H. Albert
(1924-01-22)January 22, 1924
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Died March 24, 1996(1996-03-24) (aged 72)
Menton, France
Occupation Novels, Screenwriters
Years active 1956-1992

Marvin H. Albert, (22 January 1924 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States – 24 March 1996 Menton, France) was a writer of mystery, crime and adventure novels including ones featuring Pete (Pierre-Ange [French: Stone Angel]) Sawyer, a French-American private investigator living and working in France.

During World War II Albert served in the United States Merchant Marine and began writing full-time over the success of his 1956 Western novel The Law and Jake Wade. He sometimes wrote under pseudonyms such as Albert Conroy, Ian McAlister, Nick Quarry and Anthony Rome.[1] Settings for his novels include France (where he lived for some time), Miami and the Old West.



Westerns written under the name Al Conroy[edit]

A series featuring the common character Clayburn. They were later reprinted in 1989-90 under Marvin Albert's own name.

Tony Rome series[edit]

  • A series featuring the private detective Tony Rome.
  • Miami Mayhem (1960), filmed as Tony Rome (1967)
  • The Lady in Cement, (1961) filmed as Lady in Cement (1968)
  • My Kind of Game (1962)

Stone Angel series[edit]

  • A series featuring the common character Pete Sawyer.
  • The Don is Dead (1972)
  • The Dark Goddess (1978)
  • Stone Angel (1986)
  • Back in the Real World (1986)
  • Get Off at Babylon (1987)
  • Long Teeth (1987)
  • The Last Smile (1988)
  • The Midnight Sister (1989)
  • Bimbo Heaven (1990)
  • The Zig-Zag Man (1991)
  • The Riviera Contract (1992)

Other crime thrillers[edit]

Non fiction works[edit]

  • The Long White Road a biography of the Arctic explorer Ernest Shackleton
  • Broadsides and Boarders a history of great sea captains
  • The Divorce about Henry VIII.

Film novelizations[edit]

Television novelization[edit]


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