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Marvin Albert
Marvin H. Albert

(1924-01-22)January 22, 1924
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
DiedMarch 24, 1996(1996-03-24) (aged 72)
OccupationNovels, Screenwriters
Years active1956-1992

Marvin H. Albert, (22 January 1924 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States – 24 March 1996 Menton, France) was a writer of mystery, crime and adventure novels including ones featuring Pete (Pierre-Ange [French: Stone Angel]) Sawyer, a French-American private investigator living and working in France.

During World War II Albert served in the United States Merchant Marine and began writing full-time over the success of his 1956 Western novel The Law and Jake Wade. He sometimes wrote under pseudonyms such as Albert Conroy, Ian McAlister, Nick Quarry and Anthony Rome.[1] Settings for his novels include France (where he lived for some time), Miami and the Old West. A 1975 international suspense thriller, The Gargoyle Conspiracy, written under his own name, was an Edgar nominee in the category of Best Mystery Novel.



Westerns written under the name Al Conroy[edit]

A series featuring the common character Clayburn. They were later reprinted in 1989-90 under Marvin Albert's own name.

Tony Rome series[edit]

  • A series featuring the private detective Tony Rome.
  • Miami Mayhem (As Anthony Rome - 1960), filmed as Tony Rome (1967)
  • The Lady in Cement, (As Anthony Rome, but published in England - 1961) filmed as Lady in Cement (1968)
  • My Kind of Game (As Anthony Rome - 1962)

Stone Angel series[edit]

  • A series featuring the common character Pete Sawyer.
  • The Dark Goddess (1978)
  • Stone Angel (1986)
  • Back in the Real World (1986)
  • Get Off at Babylon (1987)
  • Long Teeth (1987)
  • The Last Smile (1988)
  • The Midnight Sister (1989)
  • Bimbo Heaven (1990)
  • The Zig-Zag Man (1991)
  • The Riviera Contract (1992)

Other crime thrillers[edit]

Non fiction works[edit]

  • The Long White Road a biography of the Arctic explorer Ernest Shackleton
  • Broadsides and Boarders a history of great sea captains
  • The Divorce(1965)- about Henry VIII.

Film novelizations[edit]

Television novelization[edit]

Additional works(from As Al Conroy - "Soldato!"(1972), ("Death Grip! 1972 - Soldato #2), (Blood Run! 1973 - Soldato #3"), ("Murder Mission! 1973 - Soldato #4"), (Strangle Hold! 1973 - Soldato #5). As Albert Conroy - "Murder in Room 13"(1958), "Nice Guys Finish Dead"(1957), "The Mob Says Murder"(1958), "The Road's End"(1952), "Devil in Dungarees"(1960).

As Ian MacAlister - "Driscoll's Diamonds"(1977), "Valley of Assassins"(1975), "Strike Force 7"(1974), "Skylark Mission", As Nick Quarry - "The Don Is Dead"(1972), "Trail of a Tramp"(1958), "The Hoods Come Calling"(1958), "Vendetta"(1973), "No Chance in Hell"(1960), "The Girl with No Place to Hide"(1959), Some Die Hard"(1961), "Till It Hurts"(1960).

As J. D. Christilian - "Scarlet Women"(1996).

As Mike Barone - "Crazy Joe"(1974 - likely a novelization of the film).

As Marvin H. Albert - "Operation Lila"(1983), "The Medusa Complex", "Dancer's Progress and Schrodingers Cat"(1993 - possibly two stories in one volume), "The Great Race"(1965 - likely another film script novelization), "Three Rode North"(1989), "That Jane from Maine"(1959 - likely a novelization of the film "It Happened to Jane"), "Lover Come Back"(1962 - likely another novelization of a film), "Hidden Lives"(1981), "The Chiselers"(1953), "The Riviera Contract"(1992).

Note: Some reissues of books originally published under a pseudonym were made using the author's real name. A more comprehensive list of works by Marvin H. Albert, Marvin Albert, Albert Conroy, Al Conroy, Nick Quarry, Anthony Rome, J. D. Christilian and Mike Barone may be found under Marvin Albert in the French language Wikipedia as well as on

The following are character names of protagonists in various series of books by this author: Jake Barrow, Tony Rome, Johnny Morini, Pierre-Ange Sawyer(The Stone Angel), Clayburn(westerns).


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