Marvin B. Rosenberry

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Marvin Bristol Rosenberry (February 12, 1868 – February 15, 1958) was an American jurist from Wisconsin.

Born in River Styx, Ohio, Rosenberry and his family moved to Fulton, Michigan, where they had a farm. Rosenberry went to what is now Eastern Michigan University and then taught school for a few years. He then received his law degree from the University of Michigan Law School. He open a law office in Wausau, Wisconsin. In 1916, he was appointed to the Wisconsin Supreme Court and, in 1929, Rosenberry became chief justice of the supreme court serving until his retirement in 1950.[1][2] For almost 21 of his nearly 34 years on the bench, Rosenberry served as chief justice. By the time of his retirement, his opinions were published in 91 volumes of the Wisconsin Reports and he had participated in more than 11,000 cases, approximately 50 percent of all cases heard before the Wisconsin Supreme Court since its inception.


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