Marwa (singer)

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Born (1974-07-15) July 15, 1974 (age 42)
Nationality Lebanese
Other names Marie
Occupation singer

Marwa (Arabic: مروى‎‎) (born 15 July 1984) is a Lebanese music artist.


Marwa began playing music at the age of eight, when she played the accordion at school. Marwa caused controversy when she was guested on Tony Khalife's show "li man yajro' fakat", where he asked her about her opinion of magazines that said she is very sexual, and she answered that he was sexual as well when he starred in a Lebanese soap and appeared shirtless telling him "you turned me on".


  • Ama Naeema (أما نعيمة).
  • Sheil Eidak (شيل إيدك).
  • Mashrabsh shay (ماشربش الشاي).

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