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Marwa Ahmed Hussein Arafat (born 19 June 1978) is an Egyptian hammer thrower. Her personal best throw is 68.48 metres, achieved in February 2005 in Cairo. This is the Egytpian record, a former African record, and ranks her as the second best African thrower after Amy Sène.[1]

She failed out of competition doping test in August 2010 and was banned from the sport for two years.[2]


Year Competition Venue Position Notes
Representing  Egypt
1998 African Championships Dakar, Senegal 2nd [3]
1999 All-Africa Games Johannesburg, South Africa 3rd [4]
Pan Arab Games Irbid, Jordan 1st 58.97 CR[5]
2000 African Championships Algiers, Algeria 2nd [3]
2001 World Championships Edmonton, Canada 30th (q) 58.41 m
2002 African Championships Radès, Tunisia 1st 61.64 CR[3]
World Cup Madrid, Spain 9th
2003 All-Africa Games Abuja, Nigeria 1st 64.28 m = CR[4]
2003 World Championships Paris, France 20th (q) 64.53 m
2004 African Championships Brazzaville, Congo 1st 66.14 m = CR[3]
Olympic Games Athens, Greece 38th (q) 62.27 m
Pan Arab Games Algiers, Algeria 1st 62.78 m = CR[5]
2006 African Championships Bambous, Mauritius 1st
World Cup Athens, Greece 9th 60.23 m
2007 All-Africa Games Algiers, Algeria 1st 65.70 m
Pan Arab Games Cairo, Egypt 1st 62.83 m
2008 African Championships Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 1st 62.26 m
2010 African Championships Nairobi, Kenya 2nd 62.36 m

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