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Marwan Charbel
Minister of Interior and Municipalities
In office
13 June 2011 – February 2013
Prime MinisterNajib Mikati
Preceded byZiyad Baroud
Succeeded byNouhad Machnouk
Personal details
Born1947 (age 71–72)
Political partyFree Patriotic Movement
Alma materLebanese Army Military Academy
Lebanese University
Military service
RankBrigadier general

Marwan Charbel (born 1947) is a retired Lebanese brigadier general and the former minister of interior and municipalities between 2011 and 2013.[1]

Early life and education[edit]

Charbel was born in 1947.[2] He entered the military academy in 1968 and graduated as a lieutenant in 1971.[2] Then he obtained a bachelor's degree in law from Lebanese University in 1981.[3]


Charbel served in various units of the Internal Security Forces.[4] Then he became a major general in the Internal Security Forces.[5] He was the advisor of caretaker interior minister Ziyad Baroud.[6]

In June 2011, he was appointed minister of interior and municipalities to the cabinet led by prime minister Najib Mikati,[7][8] replacing Ziyad Baroud.[9] Charbel is part of the group appointed by President Michel Suleiman in the cabinet.[5][10] His appointment was one of the major points significantly discussed during the negotiation process for the establishment of the cabinet.[10] He is considered to be a friends with both the Lebanese president Michel Sulaiman and the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) leader Michel Aoun.[10] In fact, he is seen as a member of FPM.[8][11]

In 2011, Charbel proposed the hybrid-system reform in regard to legislative elections to be held in 2013.[12] In February 2014, Charbel's term ended when Nouhad Machnouk was appointed to the post.[13][14]

Personal life[edit]

Charbel is married and has three children, two sons and a daughter.[6]


In early May 2013 Charbel stated on Al Jadeed TV that Lebanon was opposed to homosexuals (using the derogatory Arabic term for homosexuals, 'liwat') and that homosexuality was a felony in Lebanon. These remarks followed shortly after the controversial raid and closing of a gay-friendly nightclub in Dekwaneh during which it is reported that several gay men and a transgender woman were falsely arrested and abused by security forces acting on the direct instructions of the mayor of Dekwaneh, Antoine Chakhtoura.[15] Charbel's office subsequently posted a clarification on Facebook that Charbel was not passing a judgment, but was merely stating that while gay marriage was recently legalized in France it was still prohibited in Lebanon.[16]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Ziyad Baroud
Interior Minister of Lebanon
Succeeded by
Nouhad Machnouk