Marx and Modern Economics

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Marx and Modern Economics
Marx and Modern Economics (first edition).jpg
Cover of the first edition
Editor David Horowitz
Country United States
Language English
Subject Karl Marx
Publisher MacGibbon and Kee
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover and Paperback)
Pages 380
ISBN 978-0853450726

Marx and Modern Economics is a 1968 book about Karl Marx edited by David Horowitz.


Marx and Modern Economics contains essays examining the contemporary relevance of Marx's more abstract economic theories.[1]


Marx and Modern Economics received a positive review from the economist Shigeto Tsuru in the Journal of Economic Literature. He found Horowitz's introduction too brief, but considered him correct to emphasize that the subject matter of Marx's political economy was "the social determination of economic categories and relationships and their development" and to include Marx's introduction to the A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy (1859). Though believing that some important articles that should have been represented were excluded, he welcomed the book as a "convenient anthology for classroom reference."[2]



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