Marxist Forward Bloc

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Marxist Forward Bloc
FounderSatyapriya Banerjee
Founded12 November 1953
Split fromAll India Forward Bloc
Left-wing populism
Political positionLeft-wing
ECI StatusState Party[1]
AllianceLeft Front

The Marxist Forward Bloc is a political party in India, a splinter group of the All India Forward Bloc. The MFB was formed in 1953 as Satyapriya Banerjee, a member of the AIFB Central Secretariat, Amar Bose, Suhurit Chaudhury and Ram Chatterji were expelled from AIFB. At its foundation, Satyapriya Banerjee was the party's general secretary and Amar Bose its chairman.

The MFB is part of the Left Front and has been associated with the combined left movement since its inception. Its leader Ram Chatterjee was a minister in the West Bengal Left Front government for several years. Today the MFB is led by Pratim Chatterjee, who served in the West Bengal government as Minister of Fire Services. Chatterjee represented the Tarakeswar seat in the West Bengal Legislative Assembly until 2011.

In West Bengal Assembly elections, the MFB contests the seats for Tarakeswar in Hoogly district and Jamalpur in Burdwan district as a Left Front partner. In the 2006 West Bengal Legislative Assembly election, the party retained both seats. In the Kolkata municipal polls in 2005, the MFB contested two wards as a Left Front partner. Biren Chakroborty, the secretary of the MFB, was elected from ward number 57.

In the 2008 Panchayet polls, the MFB won seats in Panchayet, Panchayet Samity and ZP levels in Hoogly and Burdwan districts.

In the 2010 municipal polls, the MFB lost its seat in Kolkata corporation. It won a seat each at Rampurhat in Birbhum and Arambagh in Hooghly.

The party lost its representation in the Legislative Assembly in the 2011 election.[2] from 2014 jaihind singh is the chair person.


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