Mary 25

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"Mary 25"
The Outer Limits episode
Episode no.Season 4
Episode 15
Directed byJames Head
Written byJonathan Glassner
Production code4267
Original air date29 May 1998
Guest appearance(s)

Sofia Shinas as Mary 25
Michael Shanks as Melburn Ross
Britt McKillip as Brook Bouton
Tom Butler as Charlie Bouton
Ian Robison as Grant Kildale
Cynthia Geary as Teryl Bouton
Matthew Prior as Brandon Bouton

Episode chronology
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"To Tell the Truth"
Next →
"Final Exam"
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"Mary 25" is an episode of The Outer Limits television series. It first aired on 29 May 1998, during the fourth season.


Charlie Bouton's (Tom Butler) last robot design for the Innobotics CorporationValerie 23 — went berserk and attacked its owners. It almost put the company out of business. Now he and his colleague, Melburn Ross, have a new idea: Mary 25 the nanny robot. Naturally enough, his bosses are skeptical, that is until Charlie suggests testing the new robot with his own family.

Opening narration[edit]


Mary 25 (Sofia Shinas) replaces the Bouton's household's current nanny. She is designed not to allow anyone to harm the children — including the children themselves. When they start fighting amongst themselves, Mary places them in separate rooms. Teryl (Cynthia Geary), the mother and Charlie's wife, wants Mary out of the house but Charlie says no since he has started using Mary as a sex toy when the others are asleep. It becomes clear that Charlie has been abusing Teryl, when the children ask Mary "why does daddy hurt mommy?"

It is then revealed that Teryl and Melburn (Michael Shanks) had a relationship once and Melburn still has feelings for Teryl by trying to protect her from Charlie. When he performs Mary's scheduled maintenance, he re-programs Mary so that she now considers that by hurting the mother, Charlie is hurting the children. One night when Charlie is beating Teryl, Mary comes in, strangles Charlie, and breaks his neck.

In the aftermath, the human nanny has been rehired and the spark is rekindled between Teryl and Melburn. In the episode's twist ending, Teryl's dark secret is discovered: The real Teryl that Melburn loved had been killed by Charlie during one of his violent beatings and so to cover up the murder she was replaced by Valerie 24, a successor to the defunct Valerie 23. She had used Mary to get rid of Charlie because she believed Melburn would love her. It also explains why Teryl did not remember her history with Melburn. The final scene shows the gynoid grinning in satisfaction with having arranged this "perfect" solution.

Closing narration[edit]


  • Mary 25 is named after Mary Poppins.
  • "Mary 25" is a semi-sequel to "Valerie 23", and is the second in the 'Innobotics arc' (several episodes dealing with androids created by the Innobotics Corporation).

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