Mary Alice McWhinnie

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Mary Alice McWhinnie
Mary Alice McWhinnie (1922-1980) - DePaul University - 1962 - (2).jpg
Nationality United States
Fields Biology
Institutions DePaul University
Known for biology of krill

Mary Alice McWhinnie (1922–1980) was an American biologist, professor at DePaul University and a world-renowned authority on krill.[1] She was the first woman to sail for two months in Antarctic waters aboard the NSF's research vessel, USNS Eltanin.[2] The National Science Foundation eventually allowed her to winter over at McMurdo Station and in 1974, she became the first American woman to serve as chief scientist at an Antarctic research station.[1][3]


Mary Alice McWhinnie began teaching at DePaul University in 1946. From 1966 to 1968, she was the chairman of its department of biological sciences. She received her doctorate from Northwestern University in 1952.[4]


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