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Mary Ann Baker (1831-1921) was an American composer and singer. She was an active member of Baptist congregation. She is known for her temperance songs.[1]


"Master the Tempest is Raging" was composed by Mary Ann Baker and H. R. Palmer. In 1874 Baker was commissioned by her community religious leader to compose a song related to the biblical verses about "Jesus Stilling the Tempest". Baker and Palmer's hymn enjoyed some moderate appeal amongst religious schools and churches. Almost two decades later Baker reflected on a new political connection for her composition:

"During the weeks when we kept watch by the bedside of our greatly beloved President Garfield, it was republished as especially appropriate to the time, and was sung at some of the many funerals services hel throughout the United States"


Among the main songs that she composed are:

  • "Master, the tempest is raging!"
  • "Why perish with cold and with hunger?"


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