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Maria Raquenel Portillo aka "Mary Boquitas" (born December 23, 1969) is a Mexican singer[1] and actress.

She auditioned with Sergio Andrade to be a singer. He formed a group, managed by powerful Mexican producer Sergio Andrade. Portillo was chosen for the group; the girls picked the name "Boquitas Pintadas" because it sounded very different from the names of other typical teenage bands of the era, many of which tried to copy Menudo with their name. Because of the band's name, Mary Raquenel Portillo later became known as "Mary Boquitas".

Gloria Trevi was another member of the band. "Boquitas Pintadas" had five members in total; however, it was Trevi and Portillo who were able to forge a friendship that went beyond their days at "Boquitas Pintadas".

In 1994 Sony Music International released her first solo album, named "Mary Boquitas" and from that album the song "A Contratiempo", which was successful in Mexico, staying many weeks in first place on radio stations, and became a favorite song till now in Mexico. Mary Boquitas was considered one of the best singers in Mexico and Latin America.

In November 2004 she was invited by Carmen Salinas (one of the most important actress and Producer in Mexico) to be a part of the play "Aventurera". Boquitas from then until now (2008) is one of the principal stars in the play (as an actress, dancer and singer).

In 2009 she released a new album titled Para Olvidarte. Boquitas was "Martina", a successful role in the soap opera "Muchachitas como tu" in Mexico and now playing in USA. She won two awards for that role.

She was Laura in a comedy video home in Mexico; and now is coming soon on cinema the action movie Like Brothers where she has the first role.

In 2008 she composed and sang on a new album produced by Joan Romagoza, a Spanish composer and producer.

In 2016, she starred in the We TV (U.S. TV channel) series My Life is a Telenovela.


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