Mary Cromwell, Countess Fauconberg

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Mary Cromwell, Countess Fauconberg (christened 9 February 1637, died 14 March 1713) was the third daughter of Oliver Cromwell and his wife Elizabeth Bourchier.[1]

Born in either late 1636 or early 1637, she was christened on 9 February 1637.[1] On 19 November 1657 she married Thomas Belasyse, 1st Earl Fauconberg at Hampton Court, and became Countess Fauconberg.[2] Her residence in London was Fauconberg House which was on the north side of Sutton Street, and on the eastern side of Soho Square.[3]

She died on 14 March 1713 at the age of 76, and was buried on 24 March in the church of St. Nicholas Church, Chiswick, the district where she had lived since 1676.[3]


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