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Mary Frances Creighton (July 29, 1899 - July 16, 1936), was a housewife, who along with Everett Applegate, a 36-year-old former American Legion official, was executed in Sing Sing Prison's electric chair, Old Sparky, for the poisoning of Applegate's wife, Ada, in Baldwin, New York on September 27, 1935.[1][2] She had passed out prior to the execution, and was executed in an unconscious state.[3] Years earlier in New Jersey she had been acquitted in the similar deaths by poison of her brother and her mother-in-law, the latter of which famous toxicologist Alexander Gettler found had not been poisoned. Creighton admitted to the murder of her brother when questioned by authorities about the death of Ada Applegate, whom she had poisoned with arsenic so that her fifteen-year-old daughter she had been pimping out to Mr. Applegate could legally marry.


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