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Mary Theresa Kelly née Coolican (born 1927) is an English writer of crime novels. Born in London, she received an M.A. degree from University of Edinburgh in 1951. She married Dennis Charles Kelly in 1950.


The Inspector Brett Nightingale series[edit]

  • A Cold Coming (1956)
  • Dead Man's Riddle (1957)
  • The Christmas Egg (1958)

Other novels[edit]

  • The Spoilt Kill (1961) (Gold Dagger Award)
  • Due to a Death (1962; USA: The Dead of Summer)
  • March to the Gallows (1964)
  • The Dead Corse (1966)
  • Write on Both Sides of the Paper (1969)
  • The Twenty-Fifth Hour (1971)
  • That Girl in the Alley (1974)