Mary Livingston Ripley

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Mary Livingston Ripley
Mary Livingston Ripley (d. 1996), S. Dillon Ripley (1913-2001), Salim Ali.jpg
Mary and Dillon Ripley (front row, right), 1976 in India
Born 1914
New York City
Died April 15, 1996
Litchfield, Connecticut
Nationality U.S.
Memorial plaque in the Smithsonian Gardens.

Mary Moncrieffe Livingston Ripley (1914 – April 15, 1996) was an U.S. horticulturist, entomologist, photographer, and scientific collector.

Mary Livingston was born in New York City.[1]

She worked in a clerical position for the Office of Strategic Services during World War II.[2] She met Sidney Dillon Ripley, who were both working for the OSS, while stationed in Sri Lanka (then:Ceylon). They married in 1949.[2] They had three daughters, Julie Dillon Miller, Rosemary L. Ripley, and Sylvia McNeill Addison. She also accompanied her husband on ornithological and entomological expeditions to India, Bhutan, Indonesia and Irian Jaya.

Ripley's work of organising volunteers led to the creation of the Smithsonian Institutions Women's Committee.

Ripley died in Litchfield, Connecticut.

The Mary Livingston Ripley Garden, part of the Smithsonian Gardens, is named after her.


  • Honorary life member of the Smithsonian's Women's Committee, 1983[2]


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