Mary Manross

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Mary Manross
Mary Manross, 2002.jpg
Mayor Manross delivers a banner ("Our hearts are with you - Scottsdale, Arizona") signed by thousands of Scottsdale residents to The Pentagon in March 2002, in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks.
Mayor of Scottsdale, Arizona
In office
June 2000 – September 2008
Preceded by Sam Campana
Succeeded by Jim Lane
Personal details
Political party Independent Democrat
Spouse(s) Larry Manross
Alma mater University of California at Los Angeles and Minot State University
Website [1]

Mary Manross is the former Democratic mayor of Scottsdale, Arizona. First elected in June 2000, she served two terms and lost her campaign for a third term as mayor in the November 2008 runoff mayoral election to her opponent, former Certified Public Accountant and businessman and former city councilman Jim Lane.[1][2]

Before her election as councilwoman, Manross served on several city government commissions and in leadership positions for local charitable organizations, as well as being campaign manager for Mayor Herb Drinkwater's 1984 and 1988 mayoral campaigns.[3]

Manross served four terms on the Scottsdale city council from 1992-2000. Although the election and office of the mayor of Scottsdale is nonpartisan, Manross' Democratic affiliation is widely known. Manross enjoyed wide appeal, having been endorsed by both the Democratic governor Janet Napolitano and the Republican Senator John McCain, and the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce as well as the Sierra Club. Prior to the challenge from Jim Lane, her party affiliation was not an impediment in the conservative, largely Republican city of Scottsdale.[4][5]

As mayor, Manross was instrumental in leading the city council to approve workplace protections for LGBT employees. Then-councilman Jim Lane opposed these measures and voted against them.[6]

State-mandated changes in the election calendar which moved the traditional spring city election to align with fall federal and state elections brought more partisan voters into play in the 2008 election. Republican Jim Lane was able to defeat Manross by less than 1/2 of 1 percent of the vote.[7]

Manross is an alumna of the University of California at Los Angeles and Minot State University, and has a teaching credential.[8]

Election history[edit]

ScottsdaleMayoral Runoff Election 2000 ScottsdaleMayoral General Election 2004 ScottsdaleMayoral Runoff Election 2004 ScottsdaleMayoral General Election 2008

Scottsdale Mayoral General Election 2000
Candidate Votes Percentage
Mark D. Bristow 3,841 11.58%
Ross Dean 13,756 41.52%
Merlin D. Gindlesperger 1,061 3.20%
Mary Manross 14,301 43.13%
Candidate Votes Percentage
Ross Dean 14,298 44.21%
Mary Manross 17,964 55.55%
Candidate Votes Percentage
Cynthia Lukas 5,507 15.40%
Mary Manross (Incumbent) 16,903 47.26%
David Ortega 7,627 21.33%
Bob Usdane 5,663 15.83%
Candidate Votes Percentage
Mary Manross (Incumbent) 21,949 66.43%
David Ortega 11,007 33.32%
Candidate Votes Percentage
Mary Manross (Incumbent) 16,986 49.44%
Jim Lane 17,373 50.56%


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