Mary Marston

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A Daughter's Devotion
Author George MacDonald
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Publisher Sampson Low Publishers, London
Publication date
Preceded by A Book of Strife, in the Form of the Diary of an Old Soul
Followed by Warlock O' Glenwarlock

Mary Marston is a novel by George MacDonald, written in 1881 and later republished as A Daughter's Devotion.

Written at the height of George MacDonald's literary career, the story centers around the life of a simple merchant's daughter. Mary Marston's unswerving commitment to love God and others is contrasted with a backdrop of an array of characters and a complex and sometimes mysterious plot.[1]

It is a story of a woman who loves a man, and teaches him to change. Not out of his love for her, but simply because it was the right thing to do.[2]

MacDonald allows the characters a range from delightful to devious. As such, they were intended to serve as models. His message is that all eventually must stand before God.[1]


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Modern edition[edit]

  • A Daughter’s Devotion, Michael R. Phillips, editor. Minneapolis, Minn. : Bethany House Publishers, c1988. ISBN 0-8712-3906-X

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