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Sidney McCall (8 March 1865—11 January 1954), born Mary McNeill, later Mary McNeil Fenollosa, was an American novelist and poet. Several of her novels became films.

Early life[edit]

McCall was born Mary McNeill (later dropping one of the l's) in Wilcox County, Alabama, to William Stoddard McNeill, a Confederate Army lieutenant from Mobile, Alabama, and Laura Sibley. McCall was the oldest of five children.


The Breath of the Gods is based on her novel of the same name. The Eternal Mother, a lost 1917 silent film, is based on her Red Horse Hill. The Dragon Painter (1919) is based on her novel The Dragon Painter.


  • Out of the Nest: A Flight of Verses (1899) poetry, under her own name
  • Truth Dexter (1901) novel, as Sidney McCall
  • Hiroshige, the Artist of Mist, Snow and Rain (1901) essay, under her own name
  • The breath of the gods : a Japanese romance of to-day (1905), as Sidney McCall
  • The Dragon Painter (1906) under her own name
  • Red Horse Hill (1909) novel, as Sidney McCall
  • Foreword to Epochs of Chinese and Japanese Art: An Outline History of East Asiatic Design (1912) by Ernest Fenollosa*
  • Blossoms from a Japanese Garden: A Book of Child-Verses , (1913) poetry, under her own name
  • The Strange Woman (1914) novel, as Sidney McCall
  • Ariadne of Allan Water (1914) novel, as Sidney McCall
  • The Stirrup Latch (1915) novel, as Sidney McCall
  • Sunshine Beggars (1918) novel, as Sidney McCall
  • Christopher Laird (1919) novel, as Sidney McCall

Mary Fellennosa was also responsible for the posthumous completion, checking and publication of her late husband's magnum opus.[citation needed]


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