Mary Tudor

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Mary Tudor may refer to:

  • Mary Tudor, Queen of France (1496–1533), queen of France and princess of England; daughter of Henry VII, wife of Louis XII and then of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk
  • Mary I of England (1516–1558), queen of England and Spain – daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon
  • Lady Mary Tudor (1673–1726), daughter of Charles II and Moll Davis; wife of 2nd Earl of Derwentwater, Henry Graham and James Rooke
  • Mary Tudor, graduate student of Wendell Johnson, who conducted the Monster Study
  • Marie Tudor, an 1833 play by the French playwright, Victor Hugo, which was based on Mary I of England
  • Mary Tudor (play), a 1935 British play by Wilfrid Grantham
  • Mary Tudor (The Tudors), fictional depiction of Mary I of England