Maryam Kavyani

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Maryam Kavyani
Born 1970
Ahvaz, Iran
Nationality Iranian
Occupation TV and cinema actress
Years active since 2002

Maryam Kāv'yāni, also Maryam Kāviāni (Persian: مریم کاویانی) (born 1970 in Ahvaz, Iran), is an Iranian actress.

Maryam Kavyani was born in Ahvaz to Mazandarani parents. She lives at present in Tehran. Ms Kavyani has a postgraduate degree in nursing and before entering into acting profession in 2002, worked as a professional nurse. In 2002 she played her first role in the feature film The Youthful Dream (Royā-ye Javāni), directed by Nāder Moghaddas. Since this time she has played in feature films Dexterous (Tar-dast), 2004, directed by Mohammad-Ali Sajjādi, Spaghetti in Eight Minutes (Espāgeti dar Hasht Daghigheh), 2005, directed by Rāmbod Javān, Rival Wife (Havoo), 2005, directed by Alireza Dāvoudnejād, and Travail (Makhmaseh), 2006, directed by Mohammad-Ali Sajjādi. She became a national household name in Iran after appearing in the role of Raanā in the television series She Was An Angel (Ou Yek Fereshteh Bud), directed by Alireza Afkhami, which was broadcast in 2005. In recent years Ms Kavyani has been playing major roles in mainly television series, such as The Night Way (Rāh-e Shab), directed by Dāriush Farhang, The Times of Gharib (Ruzgār-e Gharib),[1] directed by Kiānush Ayyār, and The Fifth Sun (Panjomin Khorshid), directed by Alireza Afkhami. The latter, in which Ms Kavyani plays the role of Maryam, sister of Mohsen, is at present (August 2009) being broadcast by Channel 3 of IRIB.


  1. ^ Here Gharib refers to Dr Mohammad Gharib (1909-1975), founder of modern Paediatrics in Iran.


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