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Maryann Karinch in 2007

Maryann Karinch is an American author, literary agent, and a speaker and consultant on body language. She is also known for her athletic endeavors including completion of the first Eco-Challenge and regional awards in body building and gymnastics.


Karinch attended Catholic schools in Lebanon, PA and graduated valedictorian of the class of 1970 at Lebanon Catholic High School.[1] She earned her B.A. degree in 1974 and M.A. degree in 1979, both in Speech and Drama, from The Catholic University of America.[2] where she served as sports editor of the university newspaper during her senior year.


While earning her master's degree, Karinch taught briefly at Tabor Academy in Marion, Massachusetts before becoming managing director of the New Playwrights' Theater in Washington, DC. She then served as Development Officer for Capital Children's Museum (now National Children's Museum). For seven years, she was Director of Communications for the Computer and Business Equipment Industry Association (now Information Technology Industry Council), and then headed public relations activities for the Federal Systems Group of Apple, Inc.[3] In 1993, she launched a communications consulting business and began publishing books in 1994.[4] In 2004, she founded The Rudy Agency, a full-service literary agency, and has placed more than 150 properties with commercial publishers.[5] As of December, 2020, she has 32 commercially published works.[6][7] Karinch is also a blogger for Psychology Today.[8]


Kayaking in Half Moon Bay, California in 2001
Photograph by Michael Powers

Karinch held top ranking in intercollegiate gymnastics in the Washington DC area from fall 1971 to spring 1973.[9][10]

In 1995, she was part of a five-person team that completed the first Eco-Challenge, a 376-mile adventure race staged in southern Utah. Of the fifty teams that began the grueling ten-day event, only twenty-one officially finished the race.[11][12] In 1998, she earned the status of Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise, an accreditation she continues to carry.[13]

Published works[edit]

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