Baltimore Marathon

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Baltimore Marathon
Runners on Patterson Park Avenue during the 2015 Marathon.jpg
Runners at the 2015 Baltimore Marathon
LocationBaltimore, Maryland
Event typeRoad
Course records2:11:56(M) 2:29:11 (F)

The Baltimore Marathon is the flagship race of several races held in Baltimore, Maryland known collectively as the Baltimore Running Festival. The 12th annual marathon took place on October 13, 2012 and the Festival drew a record 27,000+ participants. Corrigan Sports Enterprises own and operate the Baltimore marathon

The event continues to draw record participants every year, making it one of the fastest growing marathons in the United States.[1] Currently Julius Kipyego Keter holds the men’s record at 2:11:56 and Olena Shurkhno holds the women’s record at 2:29:11.[2]

The marathon begins at the Camden Yards sports complex and travels through many diverse neighborhoods of Baltimore, including the scenic Inner Harbor waterfront area, historic Federal Hill, Fells Point, and Canton, Baltimore. The race then proceeds to other important focal points of the city such as Patterson Park, Clifton Park, Lake Montebello, the Charles Village neighborhood and the western edge of downtown. After winding through 42.195 kilometres (26.219 mi) of Baltimore, the race ends at virtually the same point at which it starts.

The male and female winners of the 2012 race each won $25,000. Other races that take place are a half-marathon, team relay race, 5K race, and kids fun run.

The competition was first held in 2001, but the city has featured marathon races prior to the current incarnation: the Maryland Marathon was held from 1973 to 1980 and this evolved into the Baltimore City Marathon, which was held from 1981 to 1989.[3]

Past winners[edit]

Key:   Course record

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
1st 1973  Victor Nelson (USA) 2:22:56.6  Kathrine Switzer (USA) 3:10:37
2nd 1974  Ron Hill (GBR) 2:17:23  Kathrine Switzer (USA) 3:05:51
3rd 1975  John Vitale (USA) 2:17:02  Liane Winter (GER) 2:53:23.2
4th 1976  Bill Rodgers (USA) 2:14:23  Lisa Matovcik (USA) 3:03:23
5th 1977  Garry Bjorklund (USA) 2:13:47  Marilyn Bevans (USA) 2:51:18
6th 1978  Jeff Bradley (USA) 2:19:36.2  Kathy Heckman (USA) 2:55:35
7th 1979  Jeff Foster (USA) 2:19:26  Marilyn Bevans (USA) 2:54:35
8th 1980  Jerome Drayton (CAN) 2:19:45  Jean Kerr (USA) 2:49:13
9th 1981  Christopher Stewart (GBR) 2:19:55  Kathy Heckman (USA) 2:49:12
10th 1982  Terry Rauch (USA) 2:26:22  Vera Thornhill (USA) 3:06:38
11th 1983 (Apr)  Matt Tobin (USA) 2:23:05  Margaret Rosasco (USA) 3:03:44
12th 1983 (Nov)  David Shafer (USA) 2:20:08  Pat Wilkerson (USA) 2:49:23
13th 1985  Zdzislaw Szmit (USA) 2:17:47  Nancy Kelly (USA) 2:53:51
14th 1986  Steve Molnar (USA) 2:27:34  Rose Malloy (USA) 2:55:45
15th 1987  Gordon Christie (CAN) 2:24:49  Christine Gibbons (USA) 2:51:49
16th 1988  Tom Stevens (USA) 2:22:42  Marianne Dickerson (USA) 2:41:05
17th 1989  Robert Yara (USA) 2:29:07  Cathy Ventura-Merkel (USA) 3:02:25
1990–2000 Not held Not held
18th 2001  Luka Cherono (KEN) 2:19:46  Elvira Kolpakova (RUS) 2:52:08
19th 2002  Eric Kimaiyo (KEN) 2:17:44  Elvira Kolpakova (RUS) 2:50:01
20th 2003  Eric Kimaiyo (KEN) 2:18:41  Elvira Kolpakova (RUS) 2:48:50
21st 2004  John Itati (KEN) 2:14:51  Ramilya Burangulova (RUS) 2:40:21
22nd 2005  Mykola Antonenko (UKR) 2:15:40  Ramilya Burangulova (RUS) 2:42:00
23rd 2006  Yerefu Birhanu (ETH) 2:16:27  Rimma Dubovik (UKR) 2:35:45
24th 2007  John Itati (KEN) 2:16:24  Gladys Asiba (KEN) 2:36:27
25th 2008  Julius Kipyego Keter (KEN) 2:11:56  Maria Portilla (PER) 2:36:32
26th 2009  Alphonse Yatich Kibor (KEN) 2:14:04  Iuliia Arkhipova (KGZ) 2:32:09
27th 2010  David Ruto Kipkorir (KEN) 2:13:11  Olena Shurkhno (UKR) 2:32:17
28th 2011  Stephen Muange (KEN) 2:15:16  Olena Shurkhno (UKR) 2:29:11
29th 2012  Stephen Muange (KEN) 2:13:08  Elfheshe Yado (ETH) 2:38:46
30th 2013  David Berdan (USA) 2:30:05  Elizabeth Perry (USA) 2:58:00
31st 2014  Brian Rosenberg (USA) 2:33:27  Alex Wang (USA) 2:58:41
32nd 2015  David Berdan (USA) 2:30:21  Caitlin Gaughan (USA) 2:58:13
33rd 2016  Patrick Hearn (USA) 2:26:19  Caitlyn Tateishi (USA) 2:55:42
34th 2017  Jordan Tropf (USA) 2:29:06  Silvia Baage (USA) 2:58:36
35th 2018  Jeffrey Redfern (USA) 2:30:26  Julia Roman-Duval (FRA) 2:47:42


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