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Maryland Wing Civil Air Patrol
Maryland Wing Civil Air Patrol logo.png
The Maryland Wing of the Civil Air Patrol, the United States Air Force Auxiliary
Associated branches
United States Air Force
Command staff
CommanderUS-O6 insignia.svg Col Joseph R. Winter
Vice CommanderUS-O5 insignia.svg Lt Col Christopher J. Howell US-O5 insignia.svg Lt Col John Henderson
Chief of StaffUS-O5 insignia.svg Lt Col Brenda A. Reed
Current statistics
Total Membership1510
Statistics as of December 7, 2018[1]

The Maryland Wing, Civil Air Patrol (abbreviated MDWG) is the highest echelon of Civil Air Patrol in the U.S. state of Maryland. Its headquarters are located in Woodstock, Maryland. The Maryland Wing oversees 26 primary subordinate squadrons located throughout the state, including two school enrichment programs.


The Maryland Wing performs the three missions of Civil Air Patrol: providing emergency services; offering cadet programs for youth; and providing aerospace education for both CAP members and the general public.[2]

Emergency services[edit]

Civil Air Patrol provides emergency services, which includes performing search and rescue and disaster relief missions; as well as assisting in humanitarian aid assignments. CAP also provides Air Force support through conducting light transport, communications support, and low-altitude route surveys. Civil Air Patrol can also offer support to counter-drug missions.[2]

Cadet programs[edit]

Civil Air Patrol offers a cadet program for youth aged 12 to 20, which includes aerospace education, leadership training, physical fitness and moral leadership.[2]

Aerospace education[edit]

Civil Air Patrol offers aerospace education for CAP members and the general public, including providing training to the members of CAP, and offering workshops for youth throughout the nation through schools and public aviation events.[2]


Retired Air force Lt. Col. Murry Mariakis speaks with high school Civil Air Patrol cadets about flying at the Joint Service Open House on Andrews Air Force Base.
CAP members assist Wreaths Across America and the public to decorate National Cemeteries during the holidays.
Upper Montgomery County Composite Squadron Cadets from Germantown launch their model rockets at NASA Goddard in Greenbelt - February 2016
Squadrons of the Maryland Wing[3]
Group Designation Squadron name Location Notes
Group 1 MD-071 Bethesda - Chevy Chase Composite Squadron Gaithersburg 2012 CAP Squadron of Distinction Award [4] CAP Unit Citation Award (Streamer).png

MDWG Squadron of the Year 2015, 2011, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2000
MER Squadron of Distinction 2007, 2012

MD-065 Cumberland Composite Squadron Wiley Ford, WV Unit Citation Award CAP Unit Citation Award (Streamer).png[citation needed]

Group 1 Squadron of the Year 2017, 2018
MDWG Squadron of the Year 2017, 2018
Squadron of Merit 2018
MER Squadron of Distinction 2018

MD-003 Frederick Composite Squadron Frederick
MD-004 Hagerstown Composite Squadron Hagerstown
MD-038 Howard Composite Squadron Laurel
MD-073 Montgomery Senior Squadron Gaithersburg Unit Citation Award CAP Unit Citation Award (Streamer).png[citation needed]
MD-091 Mount Airy Composite Squadron Mount Airy Unit Citation Award CAP Unit Citation Award (Streamer).png[5]
MD-801 Parkland Middle School Cadet Squadron Rockville
MD-332 Upper Montgomery Composite Squadron Germantown
Group 2 MD-039 Carroll Composite Squadron Westminster Unit Citation Award CAP Unit Citation Award (Streamer).png[6]
MDWG Squadron of the Year 2010, 2004
MER Squadron of Distinction 2006
MD-079 Easton Composite Squadron Easton
MD-140 Fort McHenry Composite Squadron Halethorpe Unit Citation Award CAP Unit Citation Award (Streamer).png[7]
MD-031 Glenn L. Martin Composite Squadron Middle River Unit Citation Award CAP Unit Citation Award (Streamer).png[8]
MD-008 Harford Composite Squadron Bel Air
MD-022 Osprey Composite Squadron Dundalk MDWG Squadron of the Year 2017
MD-013 Towson Composite Squadron Towson
MD-086 Wicomico Composite Squadron Salisbury MDWG Squadron of the Year 2005
MER Squadron of Distinction 2013
MD-808 The SEED School of Maryland Cadet Squadron Baltimore
Group 3 MD-028 Col. Mary S. Feik Composite Squadron Edgewater MDWG Squadron of the Year 2016
MER Squadron of Distinction 2016
MD-085 Apollo 1 Composite Squadron Fort Meade
MD-023 Arundel Composite Squadron Glen Burnie 1994 CAP Squadron of Distinction Award [9]
MD-052 Bowie Composite Squadron Bowie MDWG Squadron of the Year 2009
MD-007 Calvert Cadet Squadron Prince Frederick MDWG Squadron of the Year 2014
MD-019 Charles Composite Squadron Indian Head
MD-011 College Park Composite Squadron College Park Unit Citation Award CAP Unit Citation Award (Streamer).png[citation needed]
MD-890 Esperanza Middle School Flight Lexington Park
MD-089 St. Mary's Composite Squadron California MDWG Squadron of the Year 1982, 1984, 1989, 1995, 1996, 2006, 2012, 2013
Squadron of Merit 2001, 2003, 2005
1986 Unit Citation Award CAP Unit Citation Award (Streamer).png

Disbanded squadrons[edit]

Cadets of the Maryland Wing, Civil Air Patrol fold the American flag.
A CAP cadet speaking at the 2013 Dundak Heritage Fair
Former squadrons of the Maryland Wing
Charter number Squadron name Location
18002 Naval Academy Senior Squadron Annapolis
18002 Hyde Field Senior Squadron Clinton
18006 Chesapeake Bay Cadet Squadron
18007 Foxwell
18010 Fred V. Cherry Composite Squadron Baltimore
18012 Great Falls
18014 Harford
18014 White Marsh Composite Squadron Perry Hall
18018 Catonsville Composite Squadron Catonsville
18021 Middle River Composite Squadron Essex
18021 Chesapeake
18023 Phoenix Composite Squadron Jacksonville
18023 Glen Burnie Composite Squadron Glen Burnie
18026 Gunpowder Composite Squadron Fork
18031 Group I
18044 Gwynn Oak
18044 Northwest Composite Squadron Randallstown
18045 Odenton Cadet Squadron Odenton
18049 Lanham Composite Squadron Lanham
18053 Deale Senior Squadron Deale
18054 Suburban
18066 Westside
18069 Linthicum Cadet Squadron Linthicum
18072 Rosedale Composite Squadron Rosedale
18075 Peninsular Composite Squadron Ocean City
18077 Reisterstown Composite Squadron Reisterstown
18078 Queen Anne's County Squadron Centreville
18084 Calvert County
18086 General Foulois
18087 223rd Cadet
18088 Salisbury Composite Squadron Salisbury
18088 Wicomico County
18090 Star-Trac
18090 Indian Head Composite Squadron Indian Head
18091 Tolchester Composite Squadron Chestertown
18092 Blackhawk
18092 Francis M. Wood Cadet Squadron Baltimore
18092 Southwestern
18093 Patterson Park
18094 Group 5
18095 Emmitsburg-Liberty Composite Emmitsburg
18105 Group V
18141 Chesapeake Bay Senior Squadron
MD-096 Chesapeake Bay Senior Squadron Bethesda
MD-800 Southwestern
MD-802 Spring Ridge Lexington Park
Chesapeake Composite Squadron Baltimore
Peoria Cadet Squadron
Gray Manor
Waldorf Waldorf

Past Wing commanders[edit]

Cadets from the Osprey Composite Squadron work a recruiting booth.
An officer from Civil Air Patrol's Maryland Wing
Commanders of the Maryland Wing[10]
Commander's name Period of service
Lt Col Arthur C. Hyde 1941–1945
Lt Col Edward R. Fenimore 1945–1948
Col Allan U. Bevier 1948–1951
Col Bennett Crain 1951–1954
Col A. Paul Fonda 1954–1958
Col William D. Turner 1958–1959
Col Willard D. Gilbert 1959 (Acting)

1968–1971 (Official)

Col Eugene S. Bibb 1959–1960 (Acting)
Col William M. Patterson* 1960–1969
Col Stanley F. Moyer 1971–1976
Col Frank A. Kunkowski 1976–1980
Col Daniel J. Hill 1980–1984
Col Kenneth R. Welk 1984–1988
Col Clifford A. Parks 1988–1992
Col Eugene L. Przybylowicz 1992–1996
Col Ralph A. Vogt 1996–2000
Col Lawrence L. Trick 2000–2004
Col Kay Joslin Walling 2004–2006
Lt Col John C. Kilgallon 2006 (Acting)
Col Gerard W. Weiss 2006–2010
Col John M. Knowles 2010–2014
Col William Parris (deceased)[11] 2014-2016
Col Joe Winter 2016-present
*Patterson was later promoted to Brigadier General when he became chairman of the National Board in 1973. In 1975, Patterson became the first CAP member to hold the title of "national commander".

Mary Feik Achievement[edit]

Mary Feik ribbon

The Mary Feik Achievement is awarded for successfully completing the requirements associated with Achievement 3 in Phase I of the Civil Air Patrol cadet program; it includes promotion to the grade of Cadet Senior Airman. Mary Feik, who was an active member of the Annapolis Composite Squadron, resided in Annapolis, Maryland, until her death in June 2016.[12] Col. Feik was known for giving an aerospace education related presentation at the annual Tri-Wing Encampment sponsored by Maryland Wing, Delaware Wing, and the National Capital Wing.

Spaatz Award Achievement[edit]

Carl A. Spaatz ribbon

The General Carl A. Spaatz Award is the highest award in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program. The award honors General Carl A. Spaatz, who was the first Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force and the second National Commander of the Civil Air Patrol.

First awarded in 1964, only 0.5% of CAP cadets ever earn the Spaatz award. Maryland ranks 8th among the 50 U.S. states in the number of Spaatz awards earned (1st - Florida; 2nd - Illinois; 3rd - California; 4th - New York; 5th - Pennsylvania; 6th - Ohio; 7th - Texas). Award recipients from Maryland include:

A member of the public uses a flight simulator while supervised by a CAP cadet.
A Maryland Wing cadet holds the American flag during a ceremony.
A Maryland Wing cadet at the 2013 Dundalk Heritage Fair
Spaatz Awardees of the Maryland Wing[13]
Award # Spaatz recipient Award date Unit
85 Linda L. Osterhoudt 18-Feb-69 Lanham Composite Squadron (18049)
95 Lloyd Moroughan 21-Oct-69 Lanham Composite Squadron (18049)
172 Raymond T. Hawkins 11-Jul-72 Frederick Composite Squadron (18003)
206 James F. Babbitt 15-Mar-73 Prince George's Comp. Sq. (18011)
207 Anne M. Skebirdis 21-Mar-73 Catonsville Composite Sq. (18018)
209 Ronald P. Ward 3-Mar-73 Catonsville Composite Sq. (18018)
231 Howard F. Eisingor 2-Aug-73 Bethesda-Chevy Chase Cadet Sq. (18071)
281 Kevin A. Parks 29-Jul-74 Towson Composite Sq. (18013)
337 Randy W. Hosselrode 22-Aug-75 Cumberland Composite Sq. (18065)
352 Michael L. Smith 17-Sep-75 Middle River Composite Sq. (18021)
355 Mark P. Hetterly 2-Oct-75 Bethesda-Chevy Chase Cadet Sq. (18071)
411 William Trail 16-Nov-76 Apollo I Composite Sq. (18085)
569 Mark A. Kukucka 6-Apr-81 Gunpowder Composite Squadron (18026)
646 Cindy T. Shanabrook 3-Jun-83 Linthcum Composite Sq. (18069)
721 John C. Kilgallon 2-Nov-84 Howard Composite Sq. (18038)
722 Kevin Redman 2-Nov-84 Howard Composite Sq. (18038)
730 Martin Strittmatter 11-Jan-85 Linthcum Composite Sq. (18069)
739 Francis Moran 13-Mar-85 Prince Georges Composite Sq. (18011)
858 Todd Shelton 3-Sep-87 Glenn L. Martin Composite Sq. (18031)
861 Curt A. Klun 3-Oct-87 Bethesda-Chevy Chase Comp. Sq. (18071)
968 Kevin Cooley 8-Dec-89 St. Mary's Composite Sq. (18089)
1021 Tina Lumley 16-Aug-90 Whitemarsh Composite Sq. (18014)
1023 Michael Britten 21-Aug-90 Apollo I Composite Sq. (18085)
1025 Wesley Comerer 27-Aug-90 Howard Composite Sq. (18038)
1031 Richard Benet 2-Sep-90 Frederick Composite Sq. (18003)
1040 Thomas Single 1-Jan-91 Harford Composite Squadron (18008)
1155 Charles Midkiff III 26-Feb-93 Prince George Composite Squadron (18011)
1204 Shawn Fry 18-Mar-94 Wicomico Composite Sq. (18086)
1221 Roxanne Landesman 3-Aug-94 Prince George Composite Squadron (18011)
1271 Tori K. Steinmeier 5-Sep-95 Towson Composite Sq. (18013)
1291 James A. Iacarino 5-Mar-96 White Marsh Composite Sq. (18014)
1292 Brian S. Coats 23-Mar-96 Glenn L. Martin Composite Sq. (18031)
1293 Matthew R. Heusser 23-Mar-96 Wicomico Composite Sq. (18086)
1298 Gabrielle E. Lutz 28-Jun-96 St. Mary's Composite Sq. (18089)
1301 Tammy J. Blevins 1-Aug-96 St. Mary's Composite Sq. (18089)
1304 Alisha M. Cope 7-Aug-96 Howard Composite Sq. (18038)
1330 James R. Logan 7-Jul-97 Indian Head Composite Sq. (18090)
1460 Aaron J. Kleiman 22-May-02 Wicomico Composite Sq. (MD086)
1463 John F. Reutemann III 10-Jul-02 Bethesda-Chevy Chase Comp. Sq. (MD071)
1505 Abraham H. Phares 2-Jun-03 Hagerstown Composite Sq. (MD004)
1562 Emily K. Hudson 18-Jun-05 Arundel Composite Sq. (MD023)
1563 Rachel L. Gibbs 18-Jun-05 Carroll Composite Sq. (MD039)
1586 David Wainland 31-Jan-06 Howard Composite Sq. (MD038)
1598 Jacob A. Reed 8-Apr-06 Carroll Composite Sq. (MD039)
1617 Carl D. Bevard Jr. 24-Oct-06 Prince Frederick Composite Sq. (MD007)
1621 Grace M. Stapf 18-Dec-06 Mt. Airy Composite Sq. (MD091)
1653 Joanna S. Weiss 9-Jul-07 Harford Composite Sq. (MD008)
1655 Syed M. Karim 13-Jul-07 Bethesda-Chevy Chase Comp. Sq. (MD071)
1666 Elizabeth J. Peters 15-Oct-07 Harford Composite Sq. (MD008)
1667 Janice A. Watson 15-Oct-07 Easton Composite Sq. (MD079)
1711 Zachary T. Bowen 31-Oct-08 Mt. Airy Composite Sq. (MD091)
1721 Wayne S. Mowery Jr. 15-Jan-09 Osprey Composite Sq. (MD022)
1737 Victor R. Traven 25-Jun-09 St. Mary's Composite Sq. (MD089)
1751 Anna B. Bladey 2-Feb-10 Frederick Composite Sq. (MD003)
1763 Alice W. Chan 12-Jul-10 Howard Composite Sq. (MD038)
1765 John Brennan 30-Jul-10 Bowie Composite Sq. (MD052)
1779 Shaharazad Purvis 13-Jan-11 Osprey Composite Sq. (MD022)
1789 Todd P. O'Brien 25-Mar-11 Bethesda-Chevy Chase Comp. Sq. (MD071)
1792 Sascha R. Maraj 20-Apr-11 Bethesda-Chevy Chase Comp. Sq. (MD071)
1806 Robbert J. Olson 11-Aug-11 Calvert Composite Sq. (MD007)
1807 Elizabeth R. Roberts 11-Aug-11 Harford Composite Sq. (MD008)
1808 Jason O. LaPre 11-Aug-11 Calvert Composite Sq. (MD007)
1885 Kathleen P. Crockett 7-May-13 Frederick Composite Sq. (MD003)
1905 Christopher J. La Pointe 27-Aug-13 Mount Airy Composite Sq. (MD091)
1915 Eashan Samak 27-Dec-13 St. Mary's Composite Sq. (MD089)
1923 Robert J. Lewis 23-Jan-14 St. Mary's Composite Sq. (MD089)
1960 John S. Rowan 8-Jun-2014 Bowie Composite Sq. (MD052)
2052 Emmy N. Hoyt 1-Jul-2016 Col Mary S. Feik Composite Sq (MD028)
2121 Natalie A. Brace 7-Aug-2017 College Park Composite Sq (MD011)
2026 Jessica G. Strauss 25-Aug-2017 Col Mary S. Feik Composite Sq (MD028)
2041 Alexei L. Severnyak 20-Dec-2017 Frederick Composite Sq (MD003)

Legal protection[edit]

Employers within the borders of Maryland are required by law to provide at minimum fifteen days of leave for Civil Air Patrol employees to respond to emergency missions as a part of the Civil Air Patrol.[14]

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