Marylebone Cricket Club cricket team in India and Ceylon in 1926–27

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An international cricket team raised by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) toured India and Ceylon from October 1926 to March 1927 and played several first-class matches against regional and national sides in both countries. Of the many MCC teams to visit Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), this was the first to play first-class matches there. Captained by Arthur Gilligan, the team played 26 first-class matches in India and a further four first-class matches in Ceylon. Team members included Maurice Tate, Maurice Leyland, Andy Sandham, Bob Wyatt, Arthur Dolphin, George Geary, Ewart Astill and George Brown.[1]

Matches in India[edit]

1st Match : Parsees and Muslims vs MCC[edit]

19–20 October 1926
339 (88 overs)
Bob Wyatt (63 runs)
Ghulam Mohammad 5/114 (36 overs)
187 (56.2 overs)
MJ Mobed (54 runs)
Stuart Boyes 2/22 (7 overs)
Match Drawn.
Karachi, Pakistan
Umpires: Unknown
  • Unknown


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