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Maryna Sokolyan is a Ukrainian author. The critical reviews define her work as “uncommon event in a contemporary fiction”, and draw attention to the exquisite and well-cultivated language and to the complex intellectual references towards English literature. She was born 18 December 1979 in Poltava, in the Ukrainian SSR of the Soviet Union (in present-day Ukraine). In 2002 she graduated from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy with an MA in Sociology.



  • “Vezhi ta pidzemellya/Towers and dungeons”, “Grani-T” publishing house, Kiev, 2008
  • “Novendialia”, “Fact” publishing house, Kiev, 2008
  • “Herem” novel”, “Fact” publishing house, Kiev, 2007
  • “Storonni v domi/Strangers in the House”, “Fact” publishing house, Kiev, 2006
  • “Kodlo/Gang” (translation), “Idea-press” publishing house, Moscow, 2006
  • “Kovdra snovydy/Sleepwalker's Blanket”, “Fact” publishing house, Kiev, 2005
  • “Balada dlia Kryvoji Vargy/Ballade for the Crooked Varga”, “Nora-Druk” publishing house, Kiev, 2005
  • “Kodlo/Gang”, “Fact” publishing house, Kiev, 2003
  • “Tsurpalky/Splinters” short story collection, “Smoloskyp” publishing house, Kiev, 2003


  • “Retorta/Retort” published by the e-zine, Kiev, 2006
  • “Soul lifters and the spirit of capitalism”, published by “Nora-Druk” publishing house, Kiev, 2005
  • “Dialogues of the Gods”, published by “Pokolenije” magazine, Kiev, 2003

Selected awards[edit]

  • 2008 ESFS encouragement award, Eurocon-2008
  • 2008 “Portal” prize for the “Herem” novel
  • 2006 “Koronatsia slova/ Coronation of the word” prize for the “Retorta” play
  • 2005 Awarded a stipend by “Homines Urbani” program at Villa Decius, Kraków, Poland
  • 2004 First place for literature in the “Biennale of the modern arts of Ukraine” (for the “Balada dlia Kryvoji Vargy” novel)
  • 2003 First place in the “StArt” contest for young writers (for the “Kodlo” novel)

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