Marys River (Illinois)

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Marys River
Basin features
Main source Randolph County, Illinois
38°11′07″N 89°37′40″W / 38.1853276°N 89.6278734°W / 38.1853276; -89.6278734 (Marys River origin)
River mouth Confluence with the Mississippi River
354 ft (108 m)
37°52′49″N 89°46′59″W / 37.8803295°N 89.783161°W / 37.8803295; -89.783161 (Marys River mouth)Coordinates: 37°52′49″N 89°46′59″W / 37.8803295°N 89.783161°W / 37.8803295; -89.783161 (Marys River mouth)
Physical characteristics
Length 41 mi (66 km)
GNIS ID 413088

Marys River is a tributary of the Mississippi River in Illinois. It drains a small watershed between the Big Muddy River and the Kaskaskia River. It joins the Mississippi just southeast of Chester, nowhere near Kaskaskia. Because of its proximity to Kaskaskia — the capital of Illinois Territory and the first capital of the State of Illinois — Marys River was the site of early settlements leading into the interior of Illinois.

Marys River is approximately 41 miles (66 km) in length.[1]

Cities and counties[edit]

The following cities and towns are in the Marys River basin:

Parts of the following counties are in the Mary's River basin:

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