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Origin Stockholm, Sweden
Genres Rock, Metal, Alternative
Labels Wild Kingdom Records
Website Official website
Members Urrke T (bass, backing vocals)
Kent Axén (guitar, backing vocals)
Mats Olsson (vocals, guitar)
Patrik Jansson (drums, percussion)

Maryslim is a rock band from Sweden that was founded in 1999. The band has been described as "a splendid mix of mid-70s hardrock and punk, spiced up with some The Cult-sounds, heavy AC/DC riffing and catchy Foo Fighters-vibes."[1]

Band history[edit]

Mats Olsson and Kent Axén started writing songs together, but they were missing a drummer and a bass player to start a band. In 1999 the two met Urrke T at a rockconcert in Stockholm with the Hellacopters. Urrke brought in his friend Patrik on drums and Maryslim was born.

They started playing live and became a quite known band in Sweden even before they had a record deal. Their first release was a six song vinyl-EP put out by legendary Spanish Safety Pin Records in 1999. In the next year of 2000 Maryslim was signed by White Jazz Records and they released the two singles "Nothing in Common" and "Quite Intoxicated" as well as the selftiteled album "Maryslim".

In 2002 Maryslim switched to Wild Kingdom Records and recorded the live-album "Live 'n' Loaded" which also contains the studio-recorded bonus-song "High 'n' Loaded", in which Peder Carlsson from the Backyard Babies has a guest appearance on harmonica.

The albums "Split Vision" (2004) and "A Perfect Mess" (2007) followed. "A Perfect Mess" features another great guest-appearance: Jyrki 69 of The 69 Eyes sings the lead vocals in the coverversion of “This Corrosion” from the Sisters of Mercy.

In March 2008 the band announced that founding member Urrke T had left the band. For the two last gigs of that year he was replaced by Peter Henriksson.

Since then it has been quiet around the band. No tour dates and no news about a new album.

Band members[edit]

  • Mats MF Olsson—vocal, guitar
  • Urrke T - bass, backing vocals (left the band in March 2008)
  • Kent Axén—guitar, backing vocals
  • Patrik Jansson—drums


  • Saints from hell (vinyl) (Safety Pin Records 1999)


  • Maryslim (CD) (White Jazz Records 2001)
  • Live n' loaded (CD) (Wild Kingdom Records 2002)
  • Split Vision (CD) (Wild Kingdom Records 2004)
  • A Perfect Mess (CD) (Wild Kingdom/Locomotive Records 2007)

EP and singles[edit]

  • Nothing in common (CD)(White Jazz 2001)
  • Quite intoxicated (CD + Vinyl) (White Jazz 2001)
  • B.T.L. (CD) (Wild Kingdom 2004)
  • My Time EP (CD) (Wild Kingdom 2005)


  • Quite Intoxicated (by Ludde Lundberg 2001)
  • BTL (by Charlie Granberg 2004)
  • My Time (by Charlie Granberg 2005)
  • This Corrosion (feat. Jyrki 69) (by Charlie Granberg 2007)


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