Marysvale volcanic field

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Marysvale volcanic field
Indian Peak caldera complex, and Caliente, Three Creeks, Mount Belknap, Big John and Monroe Peak calderas.
Highest point
Coordinates 38°30′N 112°30′W / 38.500°N 112.500°W / 38.500; -112.500Coordinates: 38°30′N 112°30′W / 38.500°N 112.500°W / 38.500; -112.500
Marysvale volcanic field is located in Utah
Marysvale volcanic field
Marysvale volcanic field
Location Utah, United States
Age of rock Middle Cenozoic
Mountain type Volcanic field

The Marysvale volcanic field is located in southwestern Utah, United States.

One of the largest volcanic fields in the western United States, the Marysvale straddles the Colorado Plateau-Great Basin transition zone. Most igneous rocks belong to a middle Cenozoic (~32 to 22 million years old) calc-alkaline sequence, although about 5% are related to an upper Cenozoic (23 million years to Holocene) bimodal (basalt and rhyolite) sequence. The Marysvale contains a variety of volcanic features, including stratovolcanoes, calderas, lava domes, and cinder cones.

The field is an example of intraplate volcanism; its earlier deposits are thought to be related to Farallon plate subduction, while the later bimodal assemblage (especially the basalts) have been linked to Basin and Range extension.

Notable calderas[edit]

Name Size Coordinates Age
Monroe Peak Caldera 20 x 16 km 38°29′00″N 112°03′30″W / 38.483333°N 112.058333°W / 38.483333; -112.058333[1] 23 Ma
Big John Caldera 10 x 6 km 38°19′06″N 112°23′00″W / 38.318225°N 112.383333°W / 38.318225; -112.383333[1] 24 Ma
Mount Belknap Caldera 17 x 13 km 38°26′51″N 112°30′00″W / 38.4475°N 112.5°W / 38.4475; -112.5[1] 19 Ma

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