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Honda Marysville Auto Plant (MAP) is a Honda manufacturing facility located approximately six miles northwest of Marysville, Ohio and is 42 miles northwest of Columbus, Ohio. It is one of the most integrated and flexible auto plants in North America. Operations include stamping, plastics injection molding, welding, painting, sub-assembly and assembly. The assembly plant opened in 1982.

  • Location: 24000 Honda Pkwy Marysville, Ohio
  • Started Production: November 1982
  • Plant Size: 3.6 million square feet
  • Capital Investment: $4 billion
  • Employees: 4,200

Current Models:

Discontinued Models:

View of the Marysville Auto Plant from U.S. Route 33.


In 2004, Honda commenced work on a 234,000-square-foot extension for a new paint facility of US$123 m. The new facility uses high-efficiency ovens, air recycling systems, and more efficient variable drive motors that would save 34 percent energy.[1] The company also built a 20-million-gallon pond behind the plant to recycle rainwater for helping to cool the plant. By recycling runoff from parking lots and roofs, the 7-acre pond system would significantly reduce the use of groundwater and save energy cost.[1]

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