Mas Flow Inc.

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Mas Flow Inc.
Parent companyUniversal Music Group
Founded2004; 18 years ago (2004)
FounderLuny Tunes
Distributor(s)Machete Music
Country of originPuerto Rico

Mas Flow Incorporated is a record label founded by Luny Tunes, a Dominican reggaeton production duo.[1] It claims to be among the companies that helped expand the reggaeton genre beyond its limits.[2] Mas Flow has many connections to the East Coast; in fact most of their producing teams come from Massachusetts in the US. Its primary headquarters is in Carolina, Puerto Rico. It has a regional office in New Jersey and Boston, Massachusetts and Rochester, New York.[3]

For their album Mas Flow 3, announced in 2015, they produced the single «Mayor que yo 3», which brought together Wisin & Yandel, Don Omar and Daddy Yankee for the first time.[4]




Affiliated artists[edit]

Artists who are affiliated with this label include:

Affiliated producers[edit]

Albums released by Mas Flow Inc.[edit]

In The Future


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