Masada: Alef

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Masada: Alef
Masada Alef.jpg
Studio album by John Zorn
Released 1994
Recorded February 20, 1994, RPM, NYC
Genre Post-bop
Length 60:55
Label DIW DIW 888
Producer John Zorn and Kazunori Sugiyama
Masada chronology
Masada: Alef
Masada: Beit
(1994)Masada: Beit1994
John Zorn chronology
Execution Ground
(1994) Execution Ground1994
Masada: Alef
(1994) Masada: Alef1994
Masada: Beit
(1994) Masada: Beit1994

Masada: Alef, also known as Masada 1, is a 1994 album by American jazz composer and saxophonist John Zorn featuring the Masada Quartet performing compositions inspired by Zorn's examination of Jewish culture.[1] It was the first album in a project that has included ten studio albums, concerts, and live recordings.

The album takes its inspiration from the mass suicide of Zealots at Masada in 73 CE, and is dedicated to Asher Ginzberg (1856–1927), the founding father of Cultural Zionism.


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[2]
Guy's Music Review 9/10 stars[3]

The Allmusic review by Don Snowden awarded the album 4 stars stating "Alef is full of thrilling, varied music and just may remind some people who are put off by John Zorn's constant stream of conceptual projects how good a musician he is in a straight-ahead jazz context".[2] Guy Peters stated "The quartet churns out an immense variety of tunes, ranging from intensely sad ballads, to enjoyable mid-tempo faux-swing, to hectic freak-outs. One thing’s sure: if these guys step on the gas pedal, you’re in for a busy affair. As is to be expected, this is a very solo-oriented style of jazz, but whereas lots of jazz outfits regard these moments as the opportunity for the soloist to shine and for the rest of band to take it slowly, the tension in this outfit often remains very high, with two or more musicians giving their all simultaneously".[3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Jair" – 4:53
  2. "Bith Aneth" – 6:24
  3. "Tzofeh" – 5:13
  4. "Ashnah" – 6:20
  5. "Tahah" – 5:40
  6. "Kanah" – 7:26
  7. "Delin" – 1:54
  8. "Janohah" – 9:40
  9. "Zebdi" – 2:45
  10. "Idalah-Abal" – 6:15
  11. "Zelah" – 3:48
All compositions by John Zorn
  • Recorded at RPM in New York City on February 20, 1994



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