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Masahiro Ito (伊藤 暢達, Itō Masahiro) is a Japanese video game artist best known for his work with Team Silent in the Silent Hill franchise.


Ito worked as background and creature designer on the survival horror video game Silent Hill in 1999. He was art director for its sequel, Silent Hill 2 (2001), working on both the original game and its reissue Restless Dreams, as well as being the chief monster designer/modeler. Ito was art director again in Silent Hill 3 (2003), as well as "drama camera designer".

The team disbanded with the release of the fourth game, Silent Hill 4: The Room in 2004 and for which Ito received a "Special Thanks" credit in the game. Ito and fellow Team Silent scriptwriter Hiroyuki Owaku went on to work together on Silent Hill: Cage of Cradle (2006), a digital manga published by Konami, downloadable for cell-phones and only available in Japan.[1]

He maintains a personal website,[2] complete with an online gallery of his Silent Hill-oriented artwork.[3] Ito designed the cover art for the Japanese release of Silent Hill: Downpour (2012).[4]

In 2012, Masahiro Ito stated on his Twitter that he would be willing to work on another Silent Hill game with Hideo Kojima.[5] In 2014 he worked with Hifumi Kono and Takashi Shimizu on the video game NightCry featuring Kiyoishi Arai (Final Fantasy) for visuals, design and in image board team.[6]


Video game Release date Role
Silent Hill 1999 Monster designer, background designer
Silent Hill 2 2001 Art director, monster designer
Silent Hill 3 2003 Art director, monster designer, CGI movie editors, modeling, drama camera
Silent Hill 4: The Room 2004 Special Thanks
Silent Hill: Cage of Cradle 2006 Illustrator
Silent Hill: Origins 2007 Special Thanks
NightCry 2016 Monster designer
Metal Gear Survive 2018 Creature designer


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