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Masako Nozawa

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Masako Nozawa
Native name 野沢 雅子
Born (1936-10-25) October 25, 1936 (age 79)
Tokyo, Japan
Ethnicity Japanese
Years active 1963–present
Agent Aoni Production
Notable work Son Goku (Dragon Ball)
Height 153 cm (5 ft 0 in)
Spouse(s) Masaaki Tsukada

Masako Nozawa (野沢 雅子 Nozawa Masako?, born October 25, 1936) is a Japanese actress and voice actress from Tokyo. Throughout her life, she has been affiliated with Production Baobab, 81 Produce and Office Nozawa; she is currently affiliated with Aoni Production. Her husband, Masaaki Tsukada, was also a voice actor.

As a voice actress, she is best known for the role of Goku in the popular anime franchise Dragon Ball, as well as all of Goku's male family relatives except Raditz. She has also voiced Tetsuro Hoshino (Galaxy Express 999) and Kitaro (GeGeGe no Kitaro, first and second series). In addition, she has also voiced two separate characters named "Hiroshi"; a character in Dokonjō Gaeru, and the character known in the U.S. as "Pidge" in Hyakujūō Golion.


Throughout her career as a voice actress, she has performed many male roles (most notably as all the male members of Goku's family in all three Dragon Ball anime series, with the exception of Raditz), leading Japanese fans to give her the nickname "The Eternal Boy". These days, however, she prefers the roles of elderly woman characters, although she continues to perform other roles (including young boys) occasionally. On April 1, 2006, she resigned from 81 Produce to establish office Nozawa. In 2010, Nozawa closed her Talent Agency. A number of voice actors who were affiliated with her agency went on to affiliate with Media Force.


Anime TV series


Original video animation (OVA)

Theatrical animation

Computer and video games

Puppet shows

  • Nobi Nobi Non-chan (1990–1996) (Tame-kun, Ana-chan's mother, Kitsune's granny)
  • Zawa Zawa Mori no Ganko-chan (1996–) (Kero-chan)

Dubbing roles



Live action


  • Seishun Adventure: Fūshin Engi (NHK-FM) (Nataku)



  • Law of Ueki commercial for Shōnen Sunday (Kousuke Ueki)
  • Naruhodo! The World (narration)
  • NHK Kyōiku: Kagaku Daisukishi you Jaku (narration)
  • Toriko, One Piece and Dragon Ball Z Collaboration Special (Son Goku, Son Gohan and Son Goten)
  • Wakasa Seikatsu commercial (narration)
  • The Wide Friday Ranking (narration)


Year Award Category Result
1997 2nd Animation Kobe Special Award Won
2013 7th Seiyu Awards Achievement Award Won

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