Masala dosa

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Not to be confused with the French band Masaladosa.
Masala dosa,ಮಸಾಲೆ ದೋಸೆ
Dosai Chutney Hotel Saravana Bhavan.jpg
Masala dosa with chutneys
Place of origin South India
Region or state India
Main ingredients Parbolied rice, potato
Variations Mysore masala dosa, rava masala dosa, onion masla dosa, paper masala dosa
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Masala dosa or Masale Dose is a popular South Indian food [1] It is made from rice, potato, methi, curry leaves and served with chutneys and daal. Previously it was one of the most common breakfast in the South[2] and now Masala dosa can be found in rest of India[3] and other parts of the world.[4] It is the most popular variation of dosa.[5] In South India preparation of masala dosa varies from city to city.[6] South Indian dish masala dosa ranked number 4 on the list of '10 foods to try before you die', compiled by US newspaper The Huffington Post.[7]


The masala is prepared separately along with the chutney, dal and juice. Dosa is made at the end and then mixed with the masala.[8] Served with chutney.[9]


Rice, husked black gram, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, salt, vegetable oil, potatoes, onion, green chillies, curry leaves, turmeric.[10]



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