Masami Kobushi

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Masami Kobushi
Studio album by
ReleasedJapan 1 May 2003 (limited), 11 May 2005 (re-release)
LabelStar Child
ProducerMasami Okui
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Angel's Voice
Masami Kobushi

Masami Kobushi (マサミコブシ) is a cover album by Masami Okui.


  • To commemorate her 10th anniversary since her debut in 1993, Masami Okui sang cover versions of 10 famous anime songs.
  • It was first released on 1 May 2003 as a limited release and became very rare after a while. 2 years later, the album was re-released to public.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Cutie Honey (キューティーハニー)
    • Anime television series Cutie Honey opening theme
    • Lyrics: Cloud Q
    • Composition: Takeo Watanabe
    • Arrangement: Hideyuki Daichi Suzuki
  2. Give a reason
    • Anime television series Slayers Next opening theme
    • Lyrics: Satomi Arimori
    • Composition: Hidetoshi Sato
    • Arrangement: Tsutomu Ohira
  3. Truth
    • Anime television series Revolutionary Girl Utena ending theme
    • Lyrics: Shoko Fujibayashi
    • Composition: Riki Arai
    • Arrangement: Hirama Akihiko
  4. Love squall
    • Anime television series Lupin III ending theme
    • Lyrics: Sanaho Maki
    • Composition: Yuji Ohno
    • Arrangement: DRY
  5. Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis (残酷な天使のテーゼ)
    • Anime television series Neon Genesis Evangelion opening theme
    • Lyrics: Neko Oikawa
    • Composition: Hidetoshi Sato
    • Arrangement: Toshiyuki Omori
  6. Successful Mission
    • Anime television series Saber Marionette J opening theme
    • Lyrics: MEGUMI
    • Composition: Hidetoshi Sato
    • Arrangement: Toshiro Yabuki
  7. Ghost Sweeper
    • Anime television series Ghost Sweeper Mikami opening theme
    • Lyrics: Satomi Arimori
    • Composition: Toshiyuki Omori
    • Arrangement: Masaki Iwamoto
  8. Lupin III -Ai no Theme- (ルパン三世 愛のテーマ)
    • Anime television series Lupin III ending theme
    • Lyrics: Kazuya Senge
    • Composition: Yuji Ohno
    • Arrangement: Hideyuki Daichi Suzuki
  9. Tamashii no Refrain (魂のルフラン)
  10. Northern lights
    • Anime television series Shaman King opening theme
    • Lyrics: MEGUMI
    • Composition, arrangement: Gou Takahashi
  11. You get to burning
  12. Kyou mo doko ka de Devilman (今日も何処かでデビルマン)


Official website: Makusonia