Ryoun Yamada

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Ryoun Yamada
Ryoun Yamada.jpg
School Sanbo Kyodan
Lineage Harada-Yasutani
Born Japan
Senior posting
Based in San'un Zendo
Itoki Corporation
Title Roshi
Predecessor Yamada Koun

Ryoun Yamada, aka Yamada Ryoun or Yamada Masamichi, the son of the late Yamada Koun, is the current Zen master of San'un Zendo in Kamakura, Japan and the Abbot of the Sanbo Zen school of Zen Buddhism.[1] Sanbo Zen is a lay organization of Zen, so Yamada also worked at Mitsubishi Bank and Mitsubishi Securities. Currently he heads the Itoki Corporation. As of the late 1990s, Yamada was returning to Japan only a few times each year.[2]

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