Masamichi Yamagiwa

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In this Japanese name, the family name is Yamagiwa.
Masamichi Yamagiwa

Masamichi Yamagiwa (山際正道 Yamagiwa Masamichi?, June 12, 1901 – March 16, 1975) was a Japanese businessman, central banker, the 20th Governor of the Bank of Japan (BOJ).

Early life[edit]

Yamagiwa was born in Tokyo.[1]


Yamagiwa was Governor of the Bank of Japan from November 30, 1956 through December 17, 1964.[2]

When the Japanese Cabinet accepted the Yamagiwa's resignation, his health was mentioned as the main reason for stepping down before the end of his second five-year term. At this time, the president of the Mitsubishi Bank, Makoto Usami, was already identified as successor.[3]


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Government offices
Preceded by
Eikichi Araki
(2nd term)
Governor of the Bank of Japan
Succeeded by
Makoto Usami