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Masao Takiyama (滝山 正夫 or 滝山 雅夫 Takiyama Masao?) is a Japanese anime producer, production designer, president and representative director of the Japanese anime satellite television network Animax, AXN and Mystery Channel each subsidiaries of Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan.


A noted anime producer and production designer, Takiyama first began his career in anime with Fuji Creative Corporation, a subsidiary of Fuji Television, where he was influential for producing numerous noted anime series and licensing them for release across several overseas and international markets, including Europe.[1] He first joined Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan in 1998, being influential in launching Animax, which became the first ever television network dedicated solely to anime.[1] He also produced the acclaimed Satoshi Kon-directed films Tokyo Godfathers and Paprika, and has sat on numerous well-known summits on Japanese animation.[1] In addition to his management and production responsibilities, Takiyama has also sat on the panels of numerous Animax events.[2] He has received a bachelor of arts degree of the Department of Literature of Kokugakuin University in 1973.[1]


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